Coffins and ash caskets

Eco-friendly handcrafted coffins and ash caskets made from willow. We do not contribute to deforestation or to pollution of environment.


For burials and cremations

Willow coffins are perfect for traditional burials and cremation. They do not contain any metal or harmful substances.


Sales in Europe

We offer retail and wholesale sales in the European Union (EU). Top quality of our products and competitive prices make our offer very attractive.

Eco-friendly coffins

Trumna wiklinowa

We offer handcrafted willow coffins and ash caskets that are produced using renewable raw materialssuch as wicker – it is a shrubby plant grown on perennial plantations and has shoots called bars which, after reaching an appropriate height, are cut. Then, after one year, the shoots grow again and are ready for harvesting. Thanks to this process, we do not contribute to deforestation and our products stay 100% organic.

Willow coffins are designed for the purpose of increasingly popular green funerals. The decomposition process of willow coffins is much faster than wooden ones. They have no metal parts, so they can be burned in crematoria. Importantly, during the weaving process we do not use any glue, varnish or paint, so that the decomposition process does not cause any environmental pollution. MR Wiklina is a reliable producer of top quality willow coffins and ash caskets at a reasonable price – hence we haven’t had any complaints for the last 10 years.

We invite you to check out our offer.

MR Wiklina

Willow coffins made from renewable raw materials.

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Besides the coffins, we also manufacture other willow products, which you can see on our website: www.mr-wiklina.pl.