A Green funeral

Nowadays, environmental awareness is highly developed among various societies as there are plenty of serious consequences of pollution of water, air and soil. We care about our environment by segregating the garbage or by decreasing the consumption of water. So, why don’t we make our life in harmony with nature until the very end?

So far, the cremation process was the most ecological way of a burial. It is true that the amount of pollutants released into the environment is small, but with today’s huge problem of excessive concentration of harmful gases and dust in the air one should make every effort to reduce, not increase their emissions.

An alternative to traditional burials and cremations are propagated in the UK green funerals. The idea behind the green funeral is to return to the natural process of decomposition during which no poisons are realised to the environment. During the green funeral, the body is placed on a willow ecological coffin. One should remember that the tomb should not be concreted as it stops some processes of microorganisms.

Using willow coffins produced by MR Wiklina is the best solution because the production process does not contribute to deforestation. The decomposition process of willow coffins is much faster than wooden ones. They have no metal parts, so they can be burned in crematoria. Importantly, during weaving we do not use any glue, varnish or paint, so that the decomposition process does not cause any environmental pollution.

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